Wednesday, December 15, 2010


"There's been absolutely no bigger relief to me than finals. They come like a hurricane with all of the stress and the 40 mile an hour winds, but after its all said and done... thats just the thing its done. :D no more sitting in classes that you got tired with 3 weeks ago. No more getting bored of the lecture because you read ahead, and then the teacher getting mad at you because you're on facebook. HAHA yes now i have until January to relax. Well that is until I have to work. Which for me is every day i'm not in school :{. (thats a period not a zit).... I guess im in the writing mood, however I am in that collective conscience writing mode. Kinda like I want everyone to know whats been going on with me lately. I have an awesome woman in my life. Jessica Helin (putting love interest in these things are always a bad idea) But anyways, we have been together since September, and i'm pretty happy.There's a dog in my house, it's Spencer's his names Gen'. Oh and Spencer (my roommate) recently showed me this documentary its called "We Live in Public." Its about this web millionaire Josh Harris, and why this is relevant is that he has predicted this blog....(in a since.). He has also predicted whatever we have done on the internet thus far. Its a good film (I recommend). I have no idea where this blog post is going. Oh... yea school is finally at a hiatus, and I am pretty sure i underestimated myself like i always do. I think i did even better than i thought. Geez this sounds like a bunch of random shit" -Marcellus

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