Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Cause You Didn't Know....

"Racisms still alive, they just be concealing it."-Kanye West

These words are still true today sadly. Growing up in Indiana defiantly made me aware of that. Pulaski, TN is the first birthing place of the KKK, but many argue that it was Martinsville, IN. Nether-the-less it is still pretty fucked up, and now apparently the KKK are supporters of Martin Luther King Jr.

In my latest writing course, i had to get lectured on the Legitamicy of an online source. I was shocked to find out that was a website made by Stormfront, which is a subentity of the KKK. its pretty fucked up. so..... check it out


Monday, October 25, 2010

Gaining Exposure

So i've had some good, and bad publicity. This is just a random posting just something i realized, this as been a crazy few months. I have been interview twice for some Public Access Show. I have also been filmed by the people from 19 and Counting.... That was pretty cool. I.Cream equals good times. Environment Illinois press conference. Owe and Ms. Isa has put me on her blog about 2 times now. Working my way on being famous :D

Isa's Fashion Blog

Check it out this hilarous shit

Its been a year since i last used this BLOG :O

Its time to start blogging again. It wont just be a winter thing this time around.
Frequent post and with no futher ado.

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